Riders Named for the British Under 19 Final

With 4 weeks to go before the Perrymans Buses British Under 19 Final sponsored by the Speedway Riders Association is to be held at Berwick on Saturday 12th September the full line up can now be revealed.

GB Youth Boss Neil Vatcher has revealed how the riders have been selected:

The chosen 16 riders are the top 15 riders in averages from the 2015 season to date plus the 2015 British Youth Champion as a wild card, as there are no semi finals for this event, this seems to be the fairest way.

Unfortunately there are a number of riders that are not available, although the final certainly does have a feel good factor about it, with it being wide open and almost any of the 16 riders would fancy their chances of getting on the rostrum.

Vatcher said, “I am delighted with this exciting line up, as all 15 riders have achieved a National League average where as in previous years this competition has been made up of a number of 3 point riders.

Berwick will be a great venue for this event, as the big wide open spaces of Shelfield Park will without doubt produce some fantastic racing amongst these Young Lions.

This event is certainly one to put on the calendar for not only Berwick supporters but any supporters from the North of England and Scotland, as many of these Young Lions will be making their first visit to Tweedmouth, and a great opportunity for British Speedway Supporters to see many of these future stars of British Speedway for the very first time.

I can remember my first British Under 19 Final at Scunthorpe about 5 years ago, and the quality of the racing literally took my breath away, as all 16 riders give it 100%,” said Vatcher.

So this is a meeting not to be missed. The full line up is as follows:

Josh Bailey – Kings Lynn Young Stars

Josh Bates – Sheffield

Alfie Bowtell – Rye House Raiders

Liam Carr – Buxton and Berwick

Max Clegg – Edinburgh and Cradley

Nathan Greaves (if fit) – Workington and Cradley

Danyon Hume – Rye House Raiders

Ryan Kinsley – Kings Lynn Young Stars

Connor Mountain – Mildenhall

Michael Neale – Cradley

Ellis Perks – Cradley

Danny Phillips – Stoke

Luke Ruddick – Mildenhall

Zach Wajknecht – Birmingham

Alex Wilson – Birmingham

And the winner of the 2015 British Youth Championship  

Young Lions Management would like to thank Perrymans Buses and the Speedway Riders Association for sponsoring the event, Berwick Speedway for agreeing to host it and the BSPA for their continued support for British Youth Speedway.