Flint and Ablitt Nearly There!

After the 5th round of the 2018 British Youth Championship was held at Belle Vue on Saturday night Leon Flint and Nathan Ablitt are both on the verge of clinching another British Title.

With the Young Lions Management still in negotiation with 2 track regards still staging a round at possibly 1 of the venues, or possibly both, the Championship is still to be confirmed, but with Flint claiming a 3rd place finish and Ablitt winning his 4th round out of a possible 5 both riders are within touching distance of the top prize.

The 500cc class had a good attendance of 10 riders, with Jordan Palin making his 500cc debut after previously riding in the 250cc class.

Eastbourne’s Jason Edwards who was runner up in the last 2 years in the 250cc class, also made his first appearance of the season but this this time again in the 500cc class.

Flint was undefeated in the qualifying heats, although didn’t have it all his own way, and had to work hard from the back to go in to the final with a full score and have the all important first pick of the gates.

Edwards dropped just 1 point to Flint, and Palin dropped 2 points, 1 each to Flint and Edwards.

The winner of round 4 Dan Thompson did just enough to outscore his brother Joe on countback to complete the 500cc final line up.

The final was an outstanding race with all 4 riders passing each other, but Palin kept his nerve, and had an amazing first win defeating National League riders Flint and Edwards, as well as Thompson.

The 250cc class only had 4 riders, so their qualifying heats was to have the first pick of gates in the final, and although Sam Hagon kept Ablitt on his toes, Ablitt made no mistake with 4 wins and first pick in the final, of which again he made no mistake, and went on to win his 4th round out of a possible 5.

Hagon was deservedly 2nd with Jacob Clayton in 3rd and Cooper Henderson making his first final in 4th.

Jack Bell won his first British Youth Round in the 150cc class and Sam McGurk was undefeated in the 125cc to win his 3rd round of 2018.

Championship Points so far after 5 Rounds, number in brackets is how many rounds the riders have competed in –


Leon Flint 84 points          (5)

Joe Thompson 71 points  (5)

Dan Thompson 70 points (5)

Harry McGurk 50 points   (5)

Mickie Simpson 41 points (4)

Corban Pavitt 32 points     (3)

Chad Wirtzfeld  26 points  (2)

Elliot Kelly          20 points   (2)

Jordan Palin       18 points   (1)

Jason Edwards   16 points   (1)

Bailey Fellows    14 points   (2)



Nathan Ablitt    88 points (5)

Jordan Palin      66 points (4)

Sam Hagon        52 points (4)

Jacob Clayton    42 points (3)

Cooper Henderson 33 points (3)

Sam Norris         25 points (2)

Josh McPherson 14 points (1)

Sam Peters          9 points (1)


Scores from Belle Vue 


Jack Bell 11 + 3, Sonny Springer 7 + 2, Ashton Vale 6 + 1, Archie Freeman 11 + 0
Jack Wright 5, Gregor Millar 5, William Cairns 4, Callum Gill 4, Danny Smith 1


Sam McGurk 12 + 3, Luke Harrison 11 + 2, Alex Goldsborough 9 + 1, Max James 10 + 0
Ben Trigger 7, Freddie Fox Baron 6, Liam Sharples 4, Kyran Lyden 4, Vinnie Foord 3, Maddy Fellows 2, Finley Dimmock 2, Caydin Martin 2,