British Youth Boss Neil Vatcher gets Houses of Parliament Invite

British Youth Boss Neil Vatcher has been honoured by an invitation along with his wife Jackie to go to the Houses of Parliament on Wednesday 4th November, with a number of members of the British Speedway Association.

Vatcher said, “it is a great honour to receive this invite, and shows the appreciation from the BSPA for all the hard work we are currently doing to enhance the future of British Speedway.

It is not every day that you get chance to visit the Houses of Parliament, so I had no hesitation in accepting the offer, and will be looking forward to the occasion very much.

I will be in attendance to represent the British Youth Speedway, and spread the word, to try and make the events bigger and better in 2016.

My thanks go to the members of the BSPA for the invite and especially Newcastle promoter George English”.