Action and Results from Ben Fund Meeting Demonstration Races

For the first time since 2011, British Youth Riders were given the opportunity to ride at the Ben Fund meeting, and by no means did either class let the supporters down, providing some very entertaining racing.

There were some mean overtakes by at least 2 or 3 of the riders with each and every rider giving 100% effort for all 4 laps.

In the 250 class, all 3 riders Brennan, Bickley and Dicken all led at one point during both of their races, and it was a tough call who would be the winner at the end of the 4 laps.

Brennan just pipped Bickley on the line with Dicken not far behind and if those races are anything to go by, then the 250cc class is going to be very exciting in 2015.

The 1st race of the 125cc had Flint in front, but Joe Thompson was right on his exhaust pipe for the whole 4 laps.

The 2nd race involving the 125s, Joe Thompson got his revenge, and with Harry McGurk’s bike now firing on all cylinders he was chasing Joe all the way, with Flint just a few yards behind.

All in all a great start to the season, and thanks to the Ben Fund organisers for allowing us to showcase today.

Next stop demo races at Rory Schlein’s testimonial next Sunday at King’s Lynn. We can’t wait!

The results today were as follows, each rider had 2 races

250cc Class

2) Tom Brennan 3 3 = 6

18) Kyle Bickley 2 2 = 4

37) Kean Dicken 1 1 = 2

25)  Jordan Jenkins 0 0 = 0



14) Joe Thompson 2 3 = 5

42) Leon Flint 3 1 = 4

7) Harry McGurk  e/f 2 = 2

13) Dan Thompson 1 e/f = 1